Why Doesn’t My Vacuum Cleaner Pick Up Dirt Any More?

There are several possible reasons for this.

1) Brushbar

Check to see if the brushbar is rotating. There may be obstructions which are preventing this from operating correctly.

2) Belt

Check to make sure that the belt is not worn or broken. Vax user manuals almost always cover the procedure for checking and replacing the belt with diagrams and descriptions. This is a straightforward task and can normally be completed within a few minutes.

3) Blockages

Check that the air passage from the base of the cleaner through to the dirt container to see if there are any blockages that may be obstructing the suction. Blockages are likely to occur in the hose, therefore in some cases it may be necessary to use an implement such as a broomhandle to remove blockages.

4) Dirt Container

Check the dirt container to see if it is full and empty if necessary.

5) Filters

Check all filters on your machine and either clean or replace with new filters.

Why does my vacuum cleaner cut out?

Vacuum cleaners generally cut out due to the thermal cut out being activated, as a result of the motor becoming extremely hot due to reduced airflow. This is most commonly as a result of the filter being blocked, or there being an obstruction within the hose.

Once the thermal cut out is engaged it may take between 1-2 hours for the machine to operate again. Turn off your machine, and unplug from the mains supply and leave the machine to cool down.

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